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Mansfield, MA June 18, 2004 Wreck Check of Boston is a consumer based company that provides assistance and essential information to people who have had an accident.

We are making consumers aware of some recent changes in the Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Policy that will have a direct impact on the safety, quality, and completeness of repairs to collision damaged vehicles.
Until recently, the Massachusetts Auto Policy was unclear on who had the right to decide if a vehicle was repairable or a total loss, and if repairable, what repairs would actually be done and to what extent. Most consumers assume, incorrectly, that the auto body shop would advise the vehicle owner on the best methods, practices, part usage, and other repair criteria. Recent changes in the form of a mandatory endorsement to the MA Auto Policy have left no doubt that the choice to repair or replace a vehicle now rests solely with the insurance company.
The changes to the MA Auto Policy via the mandatory endorsement appear to give the insurance company three choices in the event of a loss. In part, it states:

Part 7 Collision:

#1 Under this Part, we will pay for any direct and accidental damage to your auto caused by a collision.

#2 We will, at our option, repair the auto, repair or replace any of its parts or

#3 Declare the vehicle a total loss.

Consumers are advised to have their insurer state, in writing, which option the insurer is electing in the event of a loss. Having the insurer state their settlement option will go a long way in instilling accountability for the repair.

When the insurer elects to “pay for repair” the consumer would submit the final bill for repairs directly to the insurer for payment. The insurer, under this option is only required to “pay for repairs” and would have no control or opinion as to the repair methods or which parts would be repaired or replaced. This option would give the most control to the vehicle owner and their chosen shop, for safe and proper repairs.

If the insurer elects to “repair” the vehicle, it is the opinion of Wreck Check of Boston that they would, and should, assume responsibility for any remaining flaws and defects they may be present after the insurance specified work is completed. If the insurer elects this option, the owner should literally give the keys to the vehicle over to the insurer for repairs. The insurer can then make arrangements to repair the vehicle as they see fit. Pre-Repair agreements stating the rights of all the parties, the expectations of the vehicle owner, and remedies should be signed.
If the insurer elects to declare the vehicle a total loss, the insurer would pay up to the actual cash value of the auto.

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Wreck Check Assessments of Boston is a collision repair consulting firm that provides assistance and essential information to people who have had an accident. Wreck Check of Boston provides a clear and credible alternative information source to support the vehicle owner in the loss recovery process of collision damaged vehicles.

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