Testimonials – Client Letter


Prabhu Kavi
August 31, 2001

Bob Collins
Wreck Check
1112 School Street
Mansfield, MA 02048

Dear Bob,
I wanted to thank you for the guidance and assistance you gave in helping me settle my claim with my insurance company. You may post this letter in your office, or on your web page (please remove my street address and city if you post on your web page).

For the benefit of others that may read this letter, here is how Bob helped me:

My car, a 1998 Subaru Outback Limited with an estimated cash value of $19,000, was involved in a rollover accident on March 30, 2001. Fortunately nobody was hurt. I believed that the car was totaled as a result of the accident. However, the insurance company’s initial estimate was only $8850, and they chose to repair the vehicle rather than replace it.
I was concerned that the vehicle could not be properly repaired, so I searched the web. I learned about the concept of Diminished Value, and found that Wreck Check determined the amount of Diminished Value. I found Bob’s web page, and contacted him.
Bob first suggested that I write a letter to the insurance agency stating that I would rather have the vehicle replaced (i.e. totaled) rather than repaired because I did not believe it could be properly repaired. He gave me a Wreck Check letter that basically stated that in choosing to repair the vehicle, the insurance company becomes completely responsible for the quality of the repair, particularly since the vehicle was being repaired at the insurer’s recommended body shop. It also stated that Wreck Check would inspect the vehicle after the repair was complete.
The body shop took over 60 days to repair the vehicle. I received the vehicle the first week in June. The total cost of the repairs exceeded $14,750.
Bob inspected the vehicle in mid-June, and created a report that detailed the substantial number of structural, safety, and cosmetic defects with the vehicle. His report estimated that repairing these defects would cost an additional $7,000. I submitted a copy of this report to my insurance company, along with a Wreck Check letter reminding them of their policy obligations.
In mid-July, my insurance company responded stating (among other things) that they would like to inspect the vehicle.
The insurance company inspected the vehicle on August 7th and verified all of the damage previously found by Wreck Check as well as damage that was discovered after the Wreck Check inspection.
With Bob’s guidance, I wrote the insurance company a letter on August 15th demanding that my vehicle be declared a total loss.
On August 22nd the insurance company agreed to declare my vehicle a total loss. I was reimbursed $18,650 (plus sales tax) for my vehicle.
Bob’s value goes considerably beyond the inspection that he performed. He also gave me continual guidance in working with the insurance company to let them know that I understood my rights and expectations as a policyholder.

With Bob’s help, I was able to replace my vehicle rather than be stuck with an improperly repaired vehicle that was literally falling apart week by week. I highly recommend Wreck Check to anyone who is having substantial repair work being performed on their vehicle.

Prabhu Kavi