About Wreck Check of Boston

Wreck Check’s Owner, Bob Collins, is a Certified Master Automobile Appraiser with the International Automobile Appraiser’s Association, and he is licensed in the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut as a motor vehicle damage appraiser. He has been providing vehicle inspections and valuations since the 1970’s in the automotive industry.

We support our clients by providing clear and credible information to assist them in making smart and informed decisions on a wide range of issues covering a vehicle’s condition and value. We pride ourselves in providing the client with current, accurate and documented evidence for a variety of services.

Wreck Check of Boston core business is vehicle inspections and valuations on all types of vehicles, for a wide verity of issues. Problems with the vehicle you just purchased? We can help. Have a problem with your insurance company or repair shop? We can help with that too. Thinking about buying a vehicle? Most experts agree that a pre-purchase inspection by a qualified expert is solid advice before laying down your money. We can do that. Are you buying or selling an antique or classic car? Our appraisals will assist you in reaching the right value.